A Gnome’s Caring

The gnome cares for other creatures much more than any other species on the planet. They have been around for many thousands of years and it is thought that before humans came along or developed very much that gnomes had vast cities made of precious metals and stones. The gnomes chose not to develop technology beyond the simple mechanical stage.

When human society developed and the human population increased dramatically, gnomes chose to share the world with humans rather than becoming indignant. As many believe, the gnome doesn’t worry and is able to more fully understand the implications of their actions. They decided to help guide humans in their development and watch over them as they would any of the other species on the planet.

There are many races of gnomes, all work to serve nature in some way. The underground gnome watches lodes of precious metals and stones and can work both ways when it comes to human mining. Underground gnomes have been known to hide lodes of metals and stones from miners or divert miners away from lodes in attempt to keep humans from over mining the earth, but gnomes are also inherently helpful and tend to watch over hapless miners in attempt to warn them of the many dangers of mining.

The house gnome likes to watch over the household, babysitting children and occasionally performing light household chores such as sweeping. flowable It was more common in the past for a gnome to help with the chores, but recent innovations such as vacuums and new cleansers make it difficult for the gnome to work unseen and unheard.

There have been reports of the farm gnome helping the milk maid by milking the cows in the morning before she wakes up, but again due to recent advances the gnome finds it difficult to perform this chore. Often a farm gnome will simply watch over the livestock and warn a farmer if something is amiss. Or if a farmer isn’t taking good enough care of the livestock the farm gnome will certainly let him know about it.

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